Electricity has now became an unavoidable part of our routine lives. I couldn’t even imagine the world without this electricity. The first publicly available application of electrical power is when the incandescent light bulb is been invented in 1870. Electricity has its own applications all over the globe at residential homes & industries. Electric utility power stations generates electricity and this current is what we use for electric power.
What is electricity?
What is electricity? This is the question we hear very often but we don’t generally find exact answer convincing our thoughts. However, this answer is never impossible. Many scientists and wise men tried to explain this concept in different books and theories but still this word Electricity has several contradictory meanings. This confuse everyone but there are many definitions, which makes us the concept clear to us. Let us see in simple words.
Power is the surge of electric charge fueled by the trading of electrons from positive and negative concentrations inside a better than average transmitter like copper wire. Electric charge is the Quantity of Electricity. Concerning a perfect definition, Wikipedia says, “Power is the course of action of physical marvels related with the proximity and development of issue that has a property of electric charge.The making number of employments of force is an immediate consequence of its uncommon property of clear exchange of vitality as electrical power. Most by a long shot of the bleeding edge improvements uses Electricity for their filling in as electric stream fortify apparatus to run uninterruptedly. Thu sly, we can say that Electricity is the foundation of present day time for its private and mechanical applications.

Electricity Definition:
Electricity is the presence of positive or negatively charged particles or flow of these positive or negatively charged particles. There are materials, which conducts electric current as they allow electrons to move freely and so are called good conductors of electricity. Metals are one of the good examples of these conductors. Metals like silver, aluminium, copper are good conductors of electricity. Gold is also a good conductor but a costly one. There are materials that do not conduct electricity and these are called insulators. Wood is an example of insulator. Water is a bad conductor of electricity but salt water is a pretty good conductor.

Theoretical Meaning of Electricity:
Here I give a list of meaning of Electricity from different text books and theories for our readers. Please go through it once.

How Electricity is generated?
Electricity is been produced from different sources, processing them from a kinetic energy to mechanical energy to convert it to electrical energy in power stations. These generally use large turbines with series of blades mounted on a shaft. Water, wind, Coal, petroleum (oil), natural gas are some resources from which electricity is been created. Nuclear power is also a good method in producing current by creating steam through heating water with nuclear fission. The heat generated from different resources to turn water into steam, thus this steam spins a turbine to generate electricity. Electricity is measured watts.

Types of Electricity:

Alternating Current (AC) & Direct current (DC) are two forms of electric current. The direction of the flow of electrons switches back and forth at regular intervals or cycles in Alternating Current (AC). The household electricity, which we generally get from the power lines, is example of Alternating Current. Whereas the current running on batteries is Direct current (DC). This form of current flows consistently in one direction. Alternating current is relatively easy to produce and cost effective when compared to Direct current (DC).

This Modern society use electricity for electronics, machinery, lighting, heating, cooling, and refrigeration and for operating appliances of home industries, computers, and even for transportation. The whole world power their devices only through electricity. Electricity is now basic need of every human to make his or her life easy and comfortable. Electricity is now inevitable for our homes, industries, transportation and business.